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Welcome to our online portfolio. What you are about to see is the result of hard work, long chats and the precious collaboration with high end Italian companies from Le Marche region,Teodori knitwear, Francesca B. clothing and accessories and Le Corone jewellery.
We are proud to represent fashionable products that are precious, unique, and timeless.

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About Us

Two very close friends, a passion for fashion, for modern yet timeless and precious style are the ingredients for Sil and Bil.
All our products are manufactured in Italy and sold in the Uk exclusively by us.

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All the finishing touches are carried out by hand, all our garments are washed to offer our customers a product which will not alter over time. Each piece is ironed by hand and checked before being packed. Special packaging is carefully researched and selected to protect the items in the best possible way during transport.

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Vita Teodori, loved knitting when she was an adolescent. She had a small machine only 60cm long and she used to sell her garments to the local people of Angeli di Rosora in the province of Ancona. In 1949, at the age of 19, she visited Milan for the first time and bought her first real knitting machine. In 1959 she began to organize her activity in a more systematic way by setting up a small workshop and later expanding and producing on an industrial scale, without losing the craftsmanship and skills involved in the traditional way of making knitwear in the Marche.

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Sewing Tools

Francesca B

A Passion for Fashion

Francesca B designs and produces a small and unique selection of Italian leather handbags and accessories.


Le Corone

Le Corone® is a brand entirely Made in Italy, which was founded in 2011 by two Italian entrepreners and partners in life: Lorenza Barboni and Giorgio Raffaeli. Since then creativity and originality have characterized their creations making Le Corone® a leading brand in the jewelry market both in Italy and abroad. These unique products are designed and handcrafted to satisfy fashion-conscious and demanding consumers by paying the utmost care and attention to every detail and carefully selecting silver and stones, which makes each jewel a masterpiece of style. The factory is situated in the goldworking area on the border between Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino, where the craftsmanship of Italian excellence, experience and constant research in new technologies and materials meet to create handmade and innovative products.

Colored Yarn

Natural Materials



Cashmere comes from the soft undercoat of goats bred to produce wool. It takes more than two goats to make a single two-ply sweater. The process of separating the fibres of the undercoat from the top coating is done only during the spring time, when the goats malt and it is an intensive process done exclusively by hand. The name comes from an old Kashmir, the region where its production and trade originated in the 13th century. High quality cashmere can be eight times warmer than sheep's wool despite its light weight. The fineness of a cashmere item comes down to the finishing process, the spinning and the weaving of it.

Most of the cashmere comes from the Gobi Desert and from Afghanistan. Premium cashmere is made from long hair of goats which is combed preventing it from pilling. 

Always wash cashmere items inside out on a delicate cycle with little delicate detergent. Spread the wet garment on a dry towel to air dry.

All our cashmere is purchased from the well established Italian company Tollegno and it is sourced from the souther regions of Mongolia.  

Viscosa and Rayon

Rayon is a generic term to classify an artificial fibre obtained from regenerated cellulose. 
Invented in 1883, it is produced using cellulose extracted from trees pulp, bamboo or cotton. It is not a synthetic fibre.
Viscosa is a particular type of Rayon, obtained with a specific chemical process which almost replicates the natural making process of silk. Its properties are very similar to those of silk and it is generally called "Artificial Silk".
Viscosa is very light, luminous, smooth and velvety to the touch, it keeps the skin cool like silk does.

Saffiano Leather

Saffiano Leather was originally made in one of Italy's most famous tanneries and was a signature and patent of the established design house Prada. It is now used by many other fashion labels.
It is made from high quality calf leather and the name Saffiano comes from the cross hatch print, with diagonal pattern, pressed into the wax which cotes the leather. It is water and stains resistant. wipe it clean with a dry or moist, soft cloth.

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"The beginning is the most important part of the work"




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